First Working Day

  • The first Eye Cancer Working Day was held at the Curie Institute in Paris, France on June 15, 2015.
  • The following sessions were recorded during the 2015 Working Day:

Introduction: Dr. Paul Finger

The Working Day was divided into several sections, each dealing with a critical problem facing our specialty. Sections began with an overview presentation from the moderators, followed by an interactive group session to brainstorm, complete work, and plan for the next meeting.

Multi-Center, International Studies, ACJJ Valigation & Registries.

Moderators: E. Rand Simpson, Brenda Gallie, Sarah Coupland, Svetlana Saakyan, Steffen Heegaard, Bertil Damato, Bita Esmaeli, Anna Pavlick

The ongoing, retrospective multi-center, international data-sharing registry project has been completed for uveal melanoma. Currently recruiting studies include conjunctival melanoma, intraocular lymphoma, and retinoblastoma. There is a pressing need for a new registry for patients with metastatic uveal melanoma. There is still much needed work on other eye cancers. This session will be used to coordinate, recruit, and expand these initiatives.

Radiation Side Effect Staging Project

Moderators: Wolfgang Sauerwein, Lawrence Tena, Remi Dendale, Henrike Westekemper, Carlo Mosci, Clare Stannard, Norbert Bornfeld

The 2014 American Brachytherapy Society (ABS) consensus guidelines strongly suggested establishment of staging for ophthalmic radiation side effects. These guidelines can be used to compare outcomes after radiation treatment for eye cancers. This committee is tasked to create a universal staging system for ophthalmic radiation side effects.

Doctor Reported Outcomes (DROs)

Moderators: Tero Kivela, Stefan Seregard, Santosh Honavar, Carol Shields

The ocular oncology community and their patients would benefit from periodic outcome reporting. There will be privacy issues; however, multi-center cooperation for the benefit of our patients can be built stage-by-stage. Established guidelines for outcome reporting would help us better compare and thus improve our results.

Retinoblastoma "Eye Cancer" Fellowships for Undeserved Countries

Moderators: Laurence Desjardins, Hans Grossniklaus, Peter Gabel, Helen Dimaras, Santosh Honavar

Why do 70% of children with retinoblastoma die from their cancer around the world? This is not acceptable in that less than 5% die of retinoblastoma in North America and Europe. The main difference is early detection and prompt treatment.There are many countries with no identifiable eye cancer specialist. Our community needs to develop an ongoing program to eliminate this discrepancy within 10 years. There will be discussion of funding mechanisms and coordination with existing programs.

Basic Surgical Techniques

Moderators: Santosh Honavar, Carol Shields, Bertil Damato, Bita Esmaeli, Hans Grossniklaus, Fairooz P Manjandavida

The United States Commission on Cancer (COC) recommends the development and publication of basic standard surgical techniques for the community. The work of this group will help eye cancer patients around the world. This group should define which operations need be included, assign writing groups, determine authorship and open access venues.

Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)

Moderators: Bertil Damato, Tara McCannel, Colin McCannel, Laura Hope-Stone, Andrea Villaroman

Physicians typically measure the success of their treatments in terms of objective outcomes. However, there is a movement towards including the patient experience into the metrics driving health care decisions. This group has experience with PROs and will discuss the utility and implementation of “Patient Reported Outcomes.”

Summary and General Session for Future Planning

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The Second Working Day was held on March 24th, 2017, at International Convention Center, Sydney, Australia. Cick Here for a summary of the Second Working Day including video.