The AJCC-UICC Eye Cancer Task Force

"Dreams are real as long as they last, deeds remembered for a lifetime, AJCC-UICC Staging will endure." - Finger

The American Joint Committee on Cancer and the International Union Against Cancer (AJCC - UICC) have sponsored the development of an International TNM-based nomenclature for eye tumors.

This (our) efforts will allow us to collect and analyze clinical, pathological and biomarker information. The next step is to gain its acceptance so that this nomenclature can be used for clinical care, research and publication.

Our work will serve as a foundation for subsequent initiatives (see above menu):

  1. Instructions for Authors Project  
  2. Internet-based Hi-resolution Ophthalmic Pathology Teaching Slide Set
  3. International System for Eye Cancer Tissue / Genetic Banking
  4. The Universal Eye Cancer Database Project
  5. The Ophthalmic Oncology EMR Overlay  (e.g. eCancer Care)
  6. EYECancerBIG - Summary

The 7th edition AJCC-UICC Eye Cancer Task Force Participating Physicians


COL. Darryl Ainbinder, MD (USA)
Sarah E Coupland, MBBS. Ph.D. (UK)
James “Chris” Fleming, MD (USA)
J. William Harbour, MD (USA)
Leonard M Holbach, MD (UICC) (Germany)
Zeynel Karcioglu, MD (USA)
Tero Kivela, MD (Finland)
Hugh McGowan, MD (Canada)
A Linn Murphree, MD (USA)
Jack Rootman, MD (Canada)
Stefan Seregard, MD (Sweden)
Valerie White, B.Sc., MD (Nfld), FRCPC (Canada)
Christian Wittekind, MD (UICC) (Germany)
Guopei Yu, Ph.D. (USA - Statistics)
Daniel Albert, MD (USA)
James O. Armitage, MD (USA)
James J. Augsburger, MD (USA)
Nikolas Bechrakis, MD ( Germany)
John H. Boden, MD (USA)
Patricia Chevez-Barrios, MD (USA)
Bertil Damato, MD (UK)
Didi de Wolff-Rouendaal, MD, PhD (The Netherlands)
Ralph C. Eagle, MD (USA)
Laurence Desjardins, MD (France)
Deepak Edward, MD (USA)
Bita Esmaeli, MD (USA)
Brenda Gallie, MD (Canada)
Jean-Daniel Grange, MD (France)
Hans Grossniklaus, MD (USA)
Barrett Haik, MD (USA)
COL Timopthy J. Halligan, MD (USA)
Santosh Honavar, MD (India)
George Harocopos, MD (USA)
John Hungerford, MD (UK)
Martine Jager, MD (The Netherlands)
Akihiro Kaneko, MD (Japan)
Emma Kujala, MD (Finland)
COL Robert A. Mazzoli, MD (USA)
Ashwin Mallipatna, MBBS (India)
Tatyana Milman, MD (USA)
Tim Murray, MD (USA)
Andrew Schachat, MD (USA)
E. Rand Simpson, MD (Canada)
Arun Singh, MD (USA)
Matthew Wilson, MD (USA)

Section Editor
Frederick Greene, MD

7th Edition AJCC Cancer Staging Manual Editors
Edge SE, Byrd DR, Carducci MA, Compton CA

AJCC-UICC Administration:
Ms. Karen Pollitt
Ms. Donna Gress

Springer, New York, USA

Chair, The AJCC-UICC Ophthalmic Oncology Task Force
Paul T. Finger, MD, FACS

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