Slide Set Initiative

Internet-Based AJCC-UICC Pathology Slide Set

Drs. Darryl Ainbinder, Tatyana Milman, Hans Grossniklaus, Sarah Coupland and Deepak Edward - Team Leaders

Eyelid Carcinoma Slide Set:

Gigabyte high-resolution pathology imaging is now available. We are going to employ this new technology to teach ophthalmic pathology. Using the AJCC-UICC pTNM Classification System as a base, we will create a free, open-access ultra-high resolution teaching side set. Both audio and video will be used to illustrate how the pTNM system was created to help diagnose (define) eyelid, conjunctival, iris, ciliary body, choroidal, retinal and orbital tumors.

Outline Courtesy of Douglas Tkachuk MD FRCPC
President, Objective Pathology Ltd.

How to use virtual microscopy tools 

Instructional Videos

Example of instructional video featuring virtual microscopy

Discussion Boards

Example of discussion board

Examples of virtual microscopy (H&E eyeballs, 20x scans):


  1. Collect case materials
  2. Select peer-reviewed representative examples
  3. Create case template (clinical history, contributor’s name, metadata)
  4. Establish subgroup to create flash instructional videos
  5. Create password-protected or open access discussion board
  6. Establish open-access internet portals
  7. Publish a AJCC-UICC print (DVD) version with Springer.

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