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Retinoblastoma Case 2 - Tumor Board Presentation from Edward Averbukh, MD

March 7, 2001

Pre: New small retinoblastoma temporal to the macula (arrow) Subject: Retinoblastoma Management Case Date: Wednesday March 7th, 2001 From: Edward Averbukh, MD Dear List Members: We have a difficult case and would like to get your comments on treatment. Case: A 5 y.o. girl with a past ocular... Read More


Retinoblastoma Case 1 - Tumor Board Presentation from Brenda Gallie, MD

October 22, 2000

Photo #1 - Histopathologic slides from Case #2 Subject: Retinoblastoma cases Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 16:45:30 -0400 From: Brenda Gallie Dear List Members We have two difficult cases that would be useful to get comments on treatment. Case 1 Murphree group D1 and D2 retinblastoma presenting 4 ... Read More

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