The International Council of Ophthalmology Highlights Fellowship Partnership with ECF

The Eye Cancer Foundation is proud to be joining forces with the International Council of Ophthalmology supporting and promoting eye cancer fellowship education for doctors from unserved and underserved countries.

Since launching its ICO fellowship program in 2001, more than 920 Fellows have completed a three month subspecialty training and 28 ICO Fellows have completed their one year training.

This partnership between the ICO and the Eye Cancer Fellowship will expand and enhance ECF’s existing fellowship programs, focusing specifically on addressing the need to reduce world-wide mortality related to retinoblastoma by ensuring that more patients have ready access to a trained eye cancer specialist in their region.

The ICO highlighted the new in its recently released program report, Fifteen Years of ICO Fellowships.

"It is out mutual goal to decrease the high rates of world-wide mortality associated with the most common primary childhood eye cancer, retinoblastoma. Towards this goal, we agree that supplying subspecialty-trained retinoblastoma specialists to unserved and underserved countries is our priority," The Eye Cancer Foundation Chairman Dr. Paul Finger wrote.

Together, the Eye Cancer Foundation and the ICO have set a goal of saving 1,000 children by 2020.

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