Second Working Day Now Part of Official ISOO Biennial Conference

We’re gearing up for the Second Working Day, which is now part of the official ISOO Biennial Conference. It will commence on Friday, March 24, 2017 at the International Convention Centre in Sydney, Australia.

If you're an eye cancer specialist attending the conference, be sure to mark your calendars and arrive by Thursday night!

The first Working Day in Paris was a resounding success and generated a lot of positive energy that carried over into the official ISOO Conference. It featured 6 sections:

  • Eye cancer registries (data mining to provide medical evidence)
  • Retinoblastoma fellowships (outreach to the un-served)
  • Surgical standards (outreach)
  • Radiation side effects registry
  • Patient reported outcomes
  • Doctor reported outcomes

Read the full summary of the First Working Day here. Watch videos from the event here.

Due to time constraints in Sydney, work will be continued in focused sections. These ongoing projects strive to create consensus and maximum participation from our members of the ISOO.

The 2017 Working Day will feature five separate committees on the following topics:

  • International Medical Evidence (WD-ME), Lead by Bita Esmaeli MD. ISOO members will be made aware of all the international multi-center, data-driven projects that have been completed, those in progress, and others just starting. They will discuss international medical evidence committee standards for publication, participation in ongoing registries, new projects, and funding.
  • Retinoblastoma Fellowships (WD-RBF), Lead by Ashwin Mallipatna MD. ISOO members will discuss the RBF Committee's work on what constitutes basic educational standards for our retinoblastoma fellows and strategize how to support their work as they return to their underserved countries.
  • Quality Assurance (WD-QA), Lead by Tero Kivela MD. We challenge all centers to list their published outcomes on their own web sites. In addition, 10 WD-QA centers will voluntarily share their outcomes. At the WD-QA meeting, ISOO members will discuss these efforts and how to move forward.
  • Surgical Standards (WD-SS), Lead by Santosh Honavar MD. The open access, consensus surgical text and video-atlas will written by an international, multicenter committee prior to the ISOO 2017. At the meeting, ISOO Members will strategize on how this text will be published online with free access. Thus our subspecialty community will provide consensus surgical guidance to all the general ophthalmologists currently treating eye cancer patients around the world.
  • Consensus Guidelines (WD-CG), Lead by Paul T Finger MD. One designated representative from each eye cancer center will receive a free copy of the newly published 8th edition, AJCC Staging Handbook. All 70 contributors will be acknowledged and ongoing AJCC-UICC initiatives and other consensus guideline initiatives will be introduced.

Click here to read about each of these committees and the lead physicians.

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