Subretinal Hemorrhage after Plaque Case 8

Photograph of the Tumor and Hemorrhage

Management Case: This 65 year old male presented with a 3 week history of decreased vision OS. A 14 x 13 mm base and 6.5 mm high choroidal melanoma was noted superotemporal to the optic nerve and fovea. A small collar-button was noted next to the tumor's apex (arrow). 

Ultrasound of the Tumor Prior to Surgery

Plaque radiation therapy was employed. At the time of plaque removal (one week prior), sub and preretinal hemorrhages were noted. Subretinal blood extended beneath the fovea (arrow). 

Angiogram of the Tumor and Hemorrhage

The risks and potential benefits of evacuation of the subretinal hemorrhage were discussed with the patient. This case is presented to The International Tumor Board for their opinions with respect to management. 

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