Spread Retinoblastoma Awareness: Posters, Coloring Books and Twitter Link

Joey's Special Eye is being re-printed for distribution, but online versions are also available for download.

Unfortunately, sometimes a child must lose an eye to save their life. The Eye Cancer Foundation has tried to help with that challenge by creating a coloring book, Joey’s Special Eye, for retinoblastoma children and their families.

This is a beautiful coloring book designed for siblings of children with the eye cancer, retinoblastoma. It is written in clear, age appropriate language by Grace Talusan and illustrated by Rob Harrell. In an effort to help these children, 5000 copies have been sent to eye cancer centers around the world. So far, copies have been sent to: Australia, Canada, England, Finland, India, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain, and to 7 centers in the United States of America. In order to make these coloring books more readily available we have undertaken a second printing and posted .pdf versions online for free. However, we hope all those who have benefited from this work consider making a USA tax deductable contribution to The Eye Cancer Foundation. 

Our next goal was to create Retinoblastoma Awareness Posters. We need your help to get these posters printed and placed in clinics around the world. Feel free to download, print and get permission to post them in your pediatrician, pediatric ophthalmology and local hospital. Please let us know where they are posted so we can make a map of our mutual success.

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