The 2020 Annual Appeal

We need you now more than ever!

As a result of The Eye Cancer Foundation’s 2020 Campaign you have helped us train eye cancer specialists in 25 countries where patients had no access to specialty care. That means, the children with eye cancer in those countries now have a chance not to go blind or die from their disease.

"In these countries, seven out of ten children die from retinoblastoma each year."

Now comes the hard work of building eye cancer specialty centers and creating outreach to patients, patient groups, pediatricians, schools and governmental agencies.

"There are effective treatments to save sight and life, they just don't have them,"   says Dr. Paul T. Finger.

Did you know...

The Eye Cancer Foundation has been using your support to fund worldwide, multicenter research? Despite the COVID-19 epidemic, this year’s ECF-sponsored research includes: international registries on conjunctival melanoma, choroidal melanoma and retinoblastoma. Registries allow tens of eye cancer centers around the world to contribute and thus pool their patient data and thus answer important medical questions that, in turn, improve diagnosis, treatment and patient education. This type of research was first promoted at The ECF-sponsored First Eye Cancer Working Day at the Curie Institute in Paris in 2015. Through this effort, The ECF has demonstrated that the AJCC-UICC is the best staging system for retinoblastoma, which local treatments for conjunctival melanoma were effective and new information about patients who present with metastatic choroidal melanoma.

If that wasn't enough...

In 2020 alone, The Eye Cancer Foundation has supported 16 peer-reviewed published scientific studies on: retinal hemangioma, uveal leiomyoma, ocular adnexal lymphoma, as well as new methods to biopsy melanomas hidden behind the iris. Dr. Finger found that radiation plaques could be used to cover the entire front of the eye which saved both eyes and vision for patients with diffuse iris melanoma. This year we also showed that early treatment of radiation retinal damage prevents or delays loss of vision. To read more, you can visit:

So please don’t forget how important your gift is to us! Your gift today demonstrates your dedication to supporting an exciting, highly functional and deeply important effort  to save children’s lives as well as promote multicenter and international cooperation in ophthalmic oncology. We promise, your gift today will save both vision and lives here in the USA and all over the world. With so much work to do, The ECF team hopes they can count on your support. Please consider making your gift to The Eye Cancer Foundation today and be a crucial part in this fight against eye cancer by visiting our donate page or mailing your gift to 115 East 61st St, Suite 5B New York, NY 10065.

The work done by Dr. Paul Finger and The Eye Cancer Foundation for the past 22 years has significantly changed the landscape for the treatment of eye cancers, especially for children. With your support, we have created a world-class educational and research program benefiting patients and their families diagnosed with ocular tumors, radiation maculopathy and related ophthalmic conditions. What began in New York City now reaches patients around the world!

But we couldn’t have achieved any of this without our supporters — without you! And our work is not finished. Help us continue our success as we strive for a cure. Thank you again for your past generosity and thank you, in advance, for your continued support.

Low Ticket Items:

- Prosthetic Eyes - $5 ea.

- Indirect Ophthalmoscopes - $2,000 ea.                                                            - 20 Diopter Lenses - $250                                                                                - Hertel Exophthalmometers - $325                                                                    - Color Plate Books - $150 ea.

High Ticket Items:

- RetCam or Phoenix-ICON Camera - $50,000                                            - OCT Camera - $50,000 new / $20,000 used                                      - Ultrasound Machine - $25,000 ea.                                                            - Infrared Laser - $60, 000 new, $25,000 used                                      - Argon Laser - $60,000 new, $25,000 used                                                  - Yag Laser - $60,000 new, $25,000 used

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