Meet ECF Board Member, Anne Marie!

Meet one of our Board Members, Anne Marie Montijo! Anne Marie Montijo has been a part of The Eye Cancer Foundation's Board of Directors since 2008 and a force for patient care since 2006. Anne Marie has led our patient support services, having organized many patient and family luncheons on Long Island and in New York City.
A graduate of Stony Brook School of Social Welfare, Anne Marie went on to lead North Suffolk Mental Health Center’s adolescent boys community residence. After 7 years, she joined South Oaks Hospital as the Director of Child and Adolescent Community Services. There, she led an extensive outreach effort working with children’s mental health agencies across Long Island and the five boroughs. She has offered numerous educational workshops to schools, advocacy organizations, higher education, at hospitals, and other venues. Anne Marie has established a reputation as a tireless advocate for children’s mental health all while trying to reduce the stigma of mental illness. Anne Marie has presented both nationally and internationally on topics such as Culture and Self-Harm, and Resiliency.  

Currently, Anne Marie is the Deputy Director for Strategic Initiatives at the Association for Mental Health and Wellness, a not for profit multi-service mental health organization on Long Island. With over 28 years of experience in social work, including 7 years as an administrator in higher education, Anne Marie has extensive experience in child and adolescent mental health as both a practitioner and administrator. She provides executive leadership in managing the organization’s Community Outreach and Education Department; Incident Review Committee; Staff Development and Training; Organizational Diversity & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives; Student Internship Program; and Children’s Services. Anne Marie also provides clinical supervision for the mental health professionals as well as clinical support for the staff at the agency’s homeless veterans shelter.

Anne Marie feels The Eye Cancer Foundation has been undervalued and unrecognized by the community with regard to its accomplishments since its inception in 1998. As the first eye cancer organization, it's helped lead the way by forming and financing the first international online support forum for patients to communicate. Anne Marie Montijo has been a valuable ECF board member, ECF patient advocate, and foundational member of our team.

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