Sonja P Cekic, MD, PhD

Sonja P Cekic, MD, PhD

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Ophthalmic Pathology and Basic Scientist in Ophthalmic Oncology

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Sonja Cekic, MD


Personal Informations:
Full name: Sonja P Cekic (born Živkovic)
Date and place of birth: August, 6st 1973 Niš, Serbia
Citizenship: Serbia
Business phone: +38162276878
Business fax: +38118276879
Business address: Ophthalmology Clinic, Clinical Center Niš
Bul. Zoran Ðindic 48, 18000 Niš, Serbia
E-mail address:

High School: 1988-1992, Medical School, dr Milenko Hadžic,Niš
University: 2000-2006, Medical faculty, Niš
2007 - present, Academic Doctoral Studies
2012- 2015, Doctoral dissertation “ Morphometric analize of changes in diabetic retinopathy and their corelation with markers of inflammation

Residency: 2001-2007, Resident of Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology
Clinic, Clinical Center Niš,

Work experience: 2000-present, Ophthalmology Clinic, Niš, Serbia

Professional education:
? 2007. Medical retina-Clinic for Eye Diseases, Clinical Centre Serbia, mentor Prof dr S. Milenkovic
? 2008. Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Augenheilkunde, Inselspital, Bern, mentor Prof Dr Dr Sebastian Wolf
? 2008.Weill Cornell Seminar in Ophtamology , Weill Medical College of Cornell
University, American Austrian Foundation, Salzburg
? Ultrasonography in Medicine and Ophthalmology, Belgrade, Serbia
Professional memberships:
? European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA)
? Serbian Society of Ophthalmologiest
? Medical Chamber
„Morphology and pathogenesis of hypothalamic“, experimental study (1996-2000); principal investagator Prof. Dr Vuka ?atic; Ministry of Science and Technology of Serbia(No. 13M17) Graduated project:
„Conatal infections“, 1998, Medical Faculty
Postgraduated project:
„Risk factor for senile cataract“, 2006. Medical Faculty

in 1992 best medical student Medical Faculty Niš, University of Niš
in 1993 best medical student Medical Faculty Niš, Univerity of Niš

Scholarship grants: 1992-1997 by the Serbian Government
1997-1999 by the City of Niš
2000, by the Ministry of Science and Technology

Educational grant:
? 2007, by the European Society of Ophthalmology
? 2008, by AAF-American Austrian Fondation
Skills and qualifications: Microsoft office, Internet
Fluent in English
Other interests: Skiing

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