Artur Klett, MD

Artur Klett, MD

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Ophthalmic Oncologist

Education and Fellowships

Board certifications
Tartu University

Current Positions

Head of Eye Clinic, East Tallinn Central Hospital

Selected publications

  • The influence of fornix configuration and tissue thickness in front of hydroxylapatite implants in 66 patients
    Ophthalmologe 2003 Jun ;107(10):849-52
  • Muscle pedunculated scleral flaps. A microsurgical modification to improve prosthesis motility in enucleated patients
    Ophthalmologe 2003 Jun ;104
  • Strategies to improve Prosthesis Motility without Pegging
    Essentials in Ophthalmology, (222-228)Springer 2005
  • Socket Reconstruction after Firework Explosion Injury
    Clin Med Rev Case Rep 3:095 2016
  • Periorbital reconstructions after burn injuries
    (Klin.Monatsblätter, Springer) 2013

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