Eye removal

Eye removal
From bbarh1, May 16, 2007
I was diagnosed with a melanoma cancer in my left eye in March, and had the eye removed the middle of April. It's totally different in what I expected. The depth perception is wild. I never imagined there would be an adjustment. Afetr having a scan and learning that it was only in the eye, and no where else, I've acceoted the removal, and am trying to get adjusted, and feeling positive. I would have never thought that a head trauma would have caused the cancer 28 years after the motorcycle wreck. I guess cancer is not limited to smoking. It's nice to find out there are other ways to get cancer.
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From MikeB, May 18, 2007
Hopefully the left eye was not your dominant eye. You will be able to do everything you used to do. Monovision isn't so bad.
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From lynne, May 20, 2007
Hi Bob, I just saw your post. Most of us are over on the CM board, so come post there, as well. Were you told that the motorcycle accident you had 28 years ago caused this? Most of us are told that they don't know what causes this, although some doctors do believe it could be sun-related since it's more prevalent in areas where the sun is stronger, and in light-eyed individuals. I'm glad to hear that you are adjusting well. In terms of living with one eye, there's a really good site called losteye.com which gives great suggestions and information. Wishing you a continued good recovery--Lynne
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From Pamh57, May 24, 2007
Hi, my milanoma was found through a normal eye exam . I went having blurred vision .7 months ago than did a radiation patch. Now they are saying there is a new tumor and the only way to get it all is to remove the eye. You say yours was scaned to show they had it all. Is this a MRI? Can a MRI show if it has spread outside of the eye? Thanks and God Bless. Pam
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From willeke, November 11, 2007
I was diagnose with cm in 2003. I was 31 at the time. Due to the size of the tumor I had no other options than eyeremoval. I adjusted well and so far I am doing good. I work fulltime, drive, I basically do all I did before my eyeloss. Hope you adjust as good as I did and stay really positive. I had my checkup in October and all was well. Next year will be my last check up. It will be five years then and I will no longer be checked. It will be good. Wishing you all the best. Willeke (from Holland)
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From lynne, November 15, 2007
Willeke, Don't know if you'll see this. I usually just hang out on the CM Board, but saw there was a recent post over here, so decided to check it out. I was so happy to see your name! And, I'm so glad to hear that all's well. I just passed my 3-year mark. So, instead of 2 scans a year, I'll be doing one. My understanding, though, is that scans will continue--forever. Hope the cats are well, too! Love, Lynne
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From willeke, December 9, 2007
Hi Lynne, Sorry it took me so long to respond. I don't check in as often as I should. I'm doing very well thanks, hope you're doing good too. The cats are great. But the weather is not so good and they don't like going outside when it is cold and wet. Maybe in America it is standard to do your check-ups forever, but in Holland it stops after five years. They declare patients healthy if the cancer has stayed away for five years and you only come in when you suspect something is wrong. I am not sure if that is reassuring or scary. In some way it is scary I guess because then I will have to rely on my body to tell me something is wrong and it has failed to do so then. On the other hand I am confident I will be OK. It is a bit double, I think. Hugs and hope to hear from you. Willeke
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From lynne, December 10, 2007
Hi Willeke, I'm going over to the Coffee Shop Board to respond, so we can chat off-subject.