post eye removal check-ups

post eye removal check-ups
From marsha, August 25, 2008
Hi, I had my eye removed a few weeks ago. I am curious what tests they do every 6 mo. on the socket? My Dr. said i had to see him every 6 mo.for life.What are they looking for? Marsha
Re: post eye removal check-ups
From librapaul, April 11, 2009
Marsha, I have choroidal melanoma in my eye and am trying to decide whether to have the eye removed or do plaque therapy. The cancer is large so I lose vision regardless. In my case, I would have to visit an opthamologist every 6 months to determine if the cancer has returned around the implant behind the prosthesis. This is a very rare occurance in my case, but needs to be checked. If your eye was removed for a reason other than disease, the doc is likely simply checking up on the exposed musculature in the orbit socket to make sure no abnormalities come up. Just my opinion and I feel like the doc aught to be able to explain his or herself more clearly to you. Best wishes, Paul
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From lynne, April 14, 2009
Paul, I wanted to tell you about another board I post on. It's more free-form than this one--sort of anything goes--but there are a lot more posters, and a number of those who've experienced enucleation--at least one person recently, and she's doing so well. Here's the site: