diagnosis and treatment

diagnosis and treatment
From berthamae, April 16, 2013
I guess the scariest part of all this is that I have to travel thousands of miles for my treatment. My husband will be with me, but still so far from home.One day at at time that's how I do it. So glad I found this page. it does help,,,thx again for the support,,,
Re: diagnosis and treatment
From Hel, April 17, 2013
I can really identify with that. I was sent 300 miles from home as that is where the Cyclotron is in the UK. I was going from my very beautiful city in the south to the industrial north and it felt like entering completely foreign territory. It makes me smile to think of it now because what I was met with was some of the kindest, warmest people I have ever encountered. They quite literally took me and my family to their hearts and I came away with many new friends. I suspect you'll find as I did, that there are a lot of great people who step up to support strangers. I didn't want to go home!! x
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From berthamae, April 19, 2013
s glad that was your experience. I had to travel 3 hours by car to get to the airport, then a 3 hour flight to Toronto,,, oh my,, long days... but the people there were great...