From kyoung, July 21, 2005
Our son was diagnosed w/Retinoblastoma at 15 mos. He has endured six rounds of chemo with no side effects other than hair loss, as well as laser treatments. Our strength has came from The Lord. We were told awful things in the beginning by doctors,as well as friends and family who got on the internet. Knowing the worst of the worst, we chose to believe the good report, not what the world told us. We educated ourselves and then took it day by day, all the while praying and beliving for a miracle. Owen had a small tumor in the right eye which is now gone, and a large stage 5 tumor in the left, which has shrunk 75%. We were told in Jan. he would be blind in that eye, to which we prayed against. Two months later they said he could and would see out of that eye, possibly 50% or more. We have been blessed beyond comprehension. To anyone who is facing adversity, do not give up! Miracles can happen to anyone of us. Standing on the word of God, praying and beliving His promises, knowing that He is good NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, good or bad...that has brought us through. Surround yourself with positive people who support you. We had to cut loose some folks who were speaking negative things on our baby. We still have a long road ahead. Owen is now almost 21 months and has finished chemo and possibly laser as well. There are still lots of checkups and doctors in our future. I have vowed never to stop talking of the goodness of The Lord. He has held us up emotionally, financially, spiritually. He can do it for you too. Sincerely...Kim
From ingrid, February 19, 2007
HI I am from Austria! Your story sounds like the story of my son. Diagnosed whit bilateral rb in the year 2001 to 2002. One eye was blind -left eye- and other were going to be blind-right eye-. He had chemo, chryo,and plaque. Plaque on the left eye. The chance to see only anything like light or dark was only 10% Today he can see whit the left eye 20 %!!! and he can do all whit it! bike, climb,swim and so on. but we have to use a patch on the right eye that the left can see. this we have to do every day and at the first 4 Years for a time of 4-5 hours a day. That have helped that our son can do all normaly whit the left eye. I think you have the same way. dont worry about all other say about treatment. All is possible and we can do nothing to change our way it goes. The way is given by god and only he knows why and what! greetings from Austria Ingrid ps. our treatment was in Graz by Prof. Langmann and Prof. Urban!!!