ray's story

ray's story
From ray lacy, December 14, 2006
I lost my left eye at 8 months old to retinoblastoma. I was born in 06/1975 at that time I was the yougest baby ever found with retinoblastoma! I'am 31 years old know.
Re: ray's story
From ingrid, February 19, 2007
Hi Ray! i am from austria and i have an girlfriand, which was born on 1968 and she have lost er left eye whit 9 months! I read you´re a unilateral RB er so you have not so a high chance to give your cancer to yor childs. My son had bilateral rb, both eyes are saved whit an aceptable sight and we hope it will stay. If you wanna have contact whit an austrian i would be happy greetings ingrid