melanoma in Boston, Ma

melanoma in Boston, Ma
From lremington, August 20, 2008
hi I just wanted to say I'm glad that I found this site! I'm a 42 year old mom of 4 and just had 75% of the surface of my eye removed (frozen) to get the melanoma. I'll be starting the chemo drops in about 6 weeks. Any feedback about what to expect would be great. I'm being treated in Boston and live in NH. I've been told that only 40 people in the country are diagnost with this a year.
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From mek, August 21, 2008
Hi Lisa, I answered your message on the other board before reading this. I am sure you are in good hands in Boston. I used the chemo drops, except I was not diagnosed property. If I could do it over again, I would have asked them to do a cat scan. Marie
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From lremington, August 31, 2008
Can you elaborate? What did they miss and at what point did you learn about the diagnosis? What was your experience with the drops?
A more complete answer re chemo drops.
From mek, September 5, 2008
Hi Lisa Again! I had been treated for dry eye for 3 years. My eye was red and swollen from time to time--it looked like an allergic eye. The steriod drops, moistering drops and bazcitracin would make it better for a while then my eye would flare up again, At the 3rd year of this, the doctor said I had a precancerous condition and had me use the chemo drops. My eye swelled up and I felt very off balance during the 3 weeks I used them. I even had to come back from vacation early. The large tumor was discovered a little less than 2 years later. It turned out to be poorly differentiated carcinoma. The tumor was removed and radiation followed. That was 2 years ago. I am cancer free--of course I have 6 moth follow ups. Marie