orbital pseudo tumor

orbital pseudo tumor
From mmoews, September 2, 2007
Please help--I'm scared. I had an accident three yrs ago and had severe headaches and eye pain w/ symptoms that would vary depending on treatment for two years until it finally got so bad that I began throwing up last year. They finally did an MRI and diagnosed me with an orbital pseudo tumor, at which point they treated me starting with 80mg Prednisone and going down for 2-3 months. I am now experiencing the exact same symptoms a year later, but with both eyes and more dominant on the other eye this time. My doctors say things like, "take tylenol" or "it is a migraine or tension headache", but it is obvious to me that this is the same problem. I live in Hawaii and am going to have to seek treatment on the mainland, but I am concerned that with the current symptoms I could cause damage if I don't get in somewhere very quickly. Current symptoms are: a large blister on my sclera (fluid under the conjunctiva?), redness and swelling spreading around to the front of my eye, swelling around my eyes, severe pain and pressure in my head (even with pain killers). This started about 3-4 weeks ago and was up and down for about two, but getting worse from there on out. My questions: 1)If I have to wait another week or two to get in to see a specialist, could this cause damage??? 2) Do you have any suggestions for a specialist--I am looking into a clinic in Oregon that actually specializes in this kind of thing. 3) I have a really hard time with the side effects of Prednisone--any suggestions? Thanks, Megan
Re: orbital pseudo tumor
From mek, September 4, 2007
Megan, This does sound like you need immediate attention. Do you have an appointment yet? If so, speak to the dr and ask what you should do until you can get there. If you do not have an appointment select from the physician finder on this web site and let the dr know what your symptoms are and ask what you should do until you can get there. Let us know how you make out. Marie