Primary Acquired Melanosis - Newly Diagnosed.

Primary Acquired Melanosis - Newly Diagnosed.
From gogoamy, November 20, 2006
i have recently been diagnosed with pam and have scheduled a biopsy to determine if it is with or without atypia. has anyone here had this procedure before? what was your experience with this, healing time, etc? my doctor has recommended mitomycin drops if the biopsy shows atypia.
Re: Primary Acquired Melanosis - Newly Diagnosed.
From susanne, September 7, 2007
Hi Amy, I have had 9 eye surgeries, mitomycin drops, 5 fu drops, all unsuccessful unfortunately. My MM spread to my neck lymph nodes last November and I had a spot on my lung, found during the ct scan before neck surgery. I am currently on IL 2 after 6 rounds of biochemotherapy. I hope yours responds to other treatment methods. I know all cases are different and my doc says he has only seen one other person whose cancer has gone the route of mine. I am wishing you the very best. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. ~Susanne