From dixie, March 7, 2007
I was just diagnosed with cm, yesterday, needless to say I'm really scared, I will be having the plaque radiation in 7-10 days. I have to have the ct's and blood work, and see a radiation oncoloigst, then go from there, I will have to stay in the hospital, because in pennsylvina you have to stay if you are radio-active, please pray for me. I would welcome any info that you would care to share with me... gretchen
Re: diagnosed
From annemarie, March 8, 2007
Hi Gretchen, Welcome to the board. I'm glad you found us. How did you find out about the CM? Where you experiencing symptoms? I had plaque surgery in Oct and I was allowed to go home for the 7 days. I'm in NY. What type of radiation are you having? Iodine? I had palladium with a "notched" plaque because my tumor is on/in the optic nerve. The surgeries weren't the worst part of the process. I had to wait 8 weeks between my initial diagnosis and confirmation. My tumor grew in that time but still considered small (2.8mm) Once I had my surgery date I was relieved. How big is your tumor? Everyone I spoke with prior to surgery said there was no pain, just discomfort. I was skeptical, but it was all true. Unbelievable. I wasn't bruised or anything. My eye was very red and irritated. I felt like I had an eyelash in my eye. It was annoying but not painful. I got accustomed to it. I was restless after 2 days but I did take it easy. After the removal of the plaque I was up and around right away. My eye stayed very red for about 2-3 weeks and then just faded away. I'm now 4 months post plaque surgery and no-one can tell I ever had surgery. Stay connected to the board. There are many wonderful people you will meet here. It helped me tremendously. Hang in there. You will get through it and we will help you. All the best, Anne Marie
Re: Re: diagnosed
From dixie, March 10, 2007
Ann Marie, I had no symptoms, I went to the dr's for a check, because I was having floaters and light streaks in my left eye, the tumor is in my right eye...I was diagnosed on March 6, and have already had my scans and blood work, saw the radiation oncoligt on the 8th, and I'm just waiting for the plaque and radiun to come from Minnesota.....I'm scared to death, but reading all the info from everyone on this site has helped me...I will keep in touch...thank you so much....Gretchen
Re: Re: Re: diagnosed
From frankonny, October 21, 2007
Dear Gretchen, Believe me that we all felt like you do. I had my plaque on June 5th at Jules Stein Eye Institute,UCLA. The seven days I had the plaque in went very fast for me, and I hope it does for you too. Soon it will be behind you and your road to recovery will be upon you. So glad you found this group. Everyone is very very nice and caring and certainly understanding. You are not alone with this rare disease. I am waiting for another petscan on a "hot spot" on my liver. The end of November will have it and learn what is in store after that. Waiting is so hard. Wishing you the very best and keep us updated. I was born and raised in Missouri. Retired in California central coast. Fondly, Konny