Message from our Chairman

Message from our Chairman

Dear Friends,

Starting with research in 1980, my lifes work has been dedicated to the fight against eye tumors. I have witnessed how these diseases drastically alter the lives of patients and their families.

Back then, there was no open-access educational information or support services available for eye cancer patients and others. I knew we had to create world-class resources for all patients with eye cancer. That is why I invented "The Eye Cancer Network."

In 1998 my dream came true when I established The Eye Cancer Foundation (ECF) and its web-site. Since that time the ECF has provided reliable information and genuine support. Support has come from patients and their families, for they truly understand what it is to have eye cancer. Since inception, The Eye Cancer Foundation has grown to become the leading non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of eye cancer patients worldwide. We are unique in supporting the development of a standard AJCC-UICC staging system for eye cancer. We have developed registries to collect information on rare eye tumors. We have trained eye cancer specialists for unserved countries. Clearly, the ECF has served millions of eye cancer patients around the world.

Thank you for visiting our web sites! See all the successful research projects we have supported. I encourage you to support our continuing efforts. Make a difference in the lives of patients, offer others the gift of sight and the gift of life.

Paul T. Finger, MD, FACS
Chairman of the ECF Board

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