How can I help?

You Can Make a Difference!

Q: Can I make a difference?
A: Eye tumors and cancers are rare conditions. That means that we need each and every patient to help us support research to find cures for their disease. The Eye Cancer Foundation and set an ambitious agenda. We need your financial help and hard work to make it happen!

If you are interested in helping create and/or support the programs of The Eye Cancer Foundation please contact our office (212) 832-7297. We are targeting funds for teaching, research, support-groups, and infrastructure.

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Q: Can I volunteer to help new patients get through treatment?
A: The Eye Cancer Foundation continues to develop an extensive patient-to-patient support network. 

The Patient-to-Patient Network is made up of patients, family members, and friends who can deal with the issues involved in diagnosis, treatment, and living with radiation macular degeneration and ocular tumors. 

If you would like to volunteer to speak with someone who is facing the problem you have overcome, or if you need to speak with someone who has confronted your eye problem, please join our contact list by calling 212-832-7297.

Q: Is there a bulletin board to talk with other patients?
A: The Eye Cancer Foundation created a Facebook Page for Patients to ask questions, support one another and help others. We also created a Facebook Page for Doctors and another dedicated to Retinoblastoma.

Q: What is The Eye Cancer Foundation?
A: The Eye Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides eye cancer-related news, treatment information for patients, their families, physicians, and other health-care providers. It has established family and patient support programs to ease emotional stress and real-life adjustment issues related to the severe forms of these conditions. The Foundation strives to empower patients to find the resources to improve their lives.

The Eye Cancer Foundation funds and directs research to find cures for patients with ocular tumors and related eye diseases. It also coordinates national and international registries to evaluate new methods of diagnosis and treatment. Most recently we have added an initiative to make sure there is at least one eye cancer specialist in every country around the world. For that, and our other initiatives, we need your help!

Q: Where do I sign up?

A: Please join us in supporting eye cancer research. Donate, get others to donate and work with us.... just make the call!

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Eye tumors are uncommon, so we need the support of each patient and their families. 

The Eye Cancer Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit charity, 501(c)3 certified by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America. Your contributions are tax deductible in the United States of America. 

The Eye Cancer Foundation, Inc. 
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