Twitter Awareness Campaign: Retinoblastoma

I'm working with the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust in the UK on a twitter campaign to raise awareness of Rb and the signs and symptoms.

The basic idea of the campaign, which we kick-started yesterday is to ask encourage people on twitter to read the web page ( which has some quick, bullet point information about Rb on it. We are asking the simple question "I'm Rb Aware, Are You?" and provide them with the link. On the page we inform the reader what Rb is and then ask them to share the link with the tag #im_rb_aware with their followers.

We are aiming to have 1 million people read the page and become aware of the disease. So far in just 1 day we have managed to get 3000 people to read the page!! I wonder if I could ask you to promote the campaign through your twitter accounts (or any other means). As we get more followers, we will naturally start tweeting information about retinoblastoma.

Thanks, and all the best,

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