Photographic Documentary on Treatment of Retinoblastoma in Mexico (Includes explicit medical photos)

Large Mixed AJCC-UICC T2b Retinoblastoma

Dear Colleagues:

An outstanding film artist came to Mexico City last year: Nicole Franco.

She performed a "pro-bono" documetary on retinoblastoma at my home institution. It
has been published in her webpage:

Nicole depicted (with beautiful snapshots) an "ordinary" day in our Retinoblastoma Clinic.

Please take a look at her web site and search her portfolio: "seeing
through retinoblastoma". I'm sure you will like it.

You may want some of these pictures published in your bulletins or web pages.
If so, please contact her at:

Have a great summer season !!!

Marco Ramirez, MD, MPH
Mexico City

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